{About Lili}

My name is Alicia and I am an over-educated, under appreciated, too creative to be stuck behind a desk, and jobless (tough market out there) single mom of a testy boy. My dream, BIG, is to own my own Inn or Bed and Breakfast, completely renovated and decorated to a traditional, modern, casual style. I dream, small but more easily, of owning a shop where I sell my crafted works. I have a frenzy for finding clearance items that are broken and fixing them. I also like to work on most furniture. I like to create new things, take ideas I find and make them more my own. Raising a picky eating, and moody, boy is also a challenge every day in itself.

Contact me anytime at purplehysteria@gmail.com  
I also love comments, and appreciate all feedback.
   A little more about me can also be found (here).


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