Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Birdhouses and Fences

010 (3)Some of this I have shown in other pictures but I never really talked about them. So here I am to share these projects with you.

From Crafty Sisters. They are so colorful and fun. I loved these so much, but didn’t think I was going to do them. I didn’t even pay attention to what the actual shape of the birdhouses were.
My Creation:
I picked up the first birdhouse at Walmart, I saw it in the craft aisle and decided I was going to try it. I had so much fun making it, I picked up more houses. I am doing them for Christmas as well.
I picked up some fences at Dollar Tree. My son had liked my big fence project and decided I could make the little fences spooky.
Before: 014
They all looked similar to this in the beginning. The one I started with had a bird, a house and a flower. I removed the flower but left the house and bird. The bird didn’t look spooky enough after painting it so I ended up cutting off the beak and making it look more like a ghost. On the other two fences I removed all the flowers and stuff before painting them all black. 067
I will definitely make more of these next year, I liked them so much. And I LOVE the eyes.
Speaking of those eyes, I have posted 2 other times projects that I did with the eyes. But what I really wanted to do I hadn’t done yet. I finally did.Eye magnets
Magnets. So fun. I need advise though, I don’t really like the quality of the glass beads from Hobby Lobby, any suggestions? I also didn’t like how the stick on magnets from Walmart had the black part all over the part you can see. I guess the kind I have to glue on will be better.
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  1. No advice on the magnet eyeballs but I want to make some. I also still have 3 or 4 birdhouses that I was going to let my daughter go to town spooking up...which we never did. Next year we're starting Halloween projects in July.

  2. I had to stop on Halloween to get ready for a Christmas craft fair. I will go back to Halloween stuff in the spring. =)

  3. oh they are fantastic!!! I so have to save this one to share with my followers for Halloween! ...Happy New Year!

    hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!



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