Saturday, February 5, 2011

February 4th is now my favorite day

February 1, 2011Many places in the country are experiencing very cold weather. Sandra on Sawdust and Paper Scraps posted pictures of her driveway, after her neighbor finished clearing it for her, for the second time this week. That is a lot of dang snow. Here in central New Mexico we got snow on Tuesday. (Remember they predicted a mild, dry winter here!) They delayed and then cancelled school. They cancelled school again Wednesday due to snow, which compared to Chicago was nothing, but it gets icy here very quick. They cancelled school Thursday due to extreme cold, it was dangerous for the students. I don’t doubt it also had a lot to do with the fact buses probably wouldn’t be able to be started. Thursday, shortly after lunch, my dad was sent home. His federal office, as well as all other federal agencies that aren’t vital to day to day operations, was closed for the rest of the week. We learned that Kirtland Air Force Base had shut off the gas (and I don’t think enough places had heaters to sale). Thursday evening the Governor (first female Governor of New Mexico) declared a state of emergency. School was cancelled again for Friday because of the state of emergency. 32000 people went without heat. We are running out of natural gas because not enough was ordered due to the mild winter prediction and we get our gas from Lubbock, Texas instead of our own state. They had a pipe leak or something so we were shorted more. Some parts of New Mexico have recorded the coldest temperatures in the country. Crazy. My son is going stir crazy. I hope that this weather that is supposed to come in next week isn’t near as bad.

1st day of workOn another note, today I started a new job. I have been unemployed for almost a year and a half, and though it isn’t the best paying job, it is full time. It will work for now. It is also casual so not much on having to keep up on work clothes. I can work on my blogging, crafting, redoing of items for Etsy and maybe something like Creative Memories or something. Any suggestions on that front would be very helpful. I also think I need to find a spring craft show to try and move my stuff that didn’t sale at the Christmas one.

I also entered to win a photography eBook over at The Idea Room. I started off as the first commenter but by the time I typed and entered I was the 4th comment. On the 4th day, hopefully that is a lucky sign.


My last news for the day. I was awarded the Stylish Blogger Award from two very lovely ladies yesterday, I am very honored. Thank you My Creative Escapes and Melissa from Mel Dreams Often.

To Accept The Award you must:

1.)Thank and Link Back to the Blogger who awarded you with this award

2.)Share 7 Things About Yourself

3.)Award 8 Recently Discovered Great Bloggers

4.)Contact The Bloggers and inform them of their award

7 things about myself:

1. My hair is naturally blonde. The only time I have ever “colored” it was 2 different times in college with the wash in stuff. The orangish red I got both times with different colors was gone within 3 months.

2. I had a crush on the boy that lived up the street from me, and went to church classes together, for like 4 or 5 years. Orlando. His dad made him go to a different middle school so I only saw him in CCD. I never let him know I liked him.

3. I have this GREAT fear of getting hurt, where climbing up a ladder I have flashes of falling off. I have a huge problem trying new things like skiing, watering skiing, things like that where you can “wipe out”.

4. My dad is one of 6, there are 10 of us in the next generation and our children’s generation there are like 20. I am the only one of the 10 that has never been married and I am the 4th born. Only 1 of the 10 doesn’t have children (yet). I have resigned to the fact that I don’t need to get married but I would like a man in my life.

5. I love being creative. I never thought of finding a career where I could thrive in that type of environment.

6. I know that it takes risks to make a business work and only I can take that risk but I don’t know how to go out on a limb like that and possibly end up with less money after than I already don’t have.

7. I REALLY REALLY want to get really good at redoing furniture and make a living out of it with my own shop that resembles something like Urban Green (I did a post about that previously).

Now onto who I nominate for this award:

1. My Life on Cedar Street

2. Honey We’re Home

3. I Am Momma Hear me Roar

4. I Burned the Brownies

5. I Red heart Naptime

6. Restore Interiors

7. Remodelaholic

8. I Red heart faces


  1. Thank you Alicia, that is so nice!

    I LOVE your picture of your dog, what a sweetie. My daughter and I have been begging my husband for a "yellow" dog! They are my favorite! Hopefully this spring. :)

    Have a nice weekend! Good Luck with your new job, I hope it works out for you!!!! :)


  2. Alicia! Thanks for nominating me. That was really thoughtful and it makes me happy to know you enjoy my blog.


    PS - Your naturally blonde hair is beautiful!

  3. Thank you for the award! I'm so jealous about you not having to color your blonde hair:)

  4. Thank you for the award! I so ver new to blogging and I still can't believe there is any person out there that know I exist. I really appreciate it!



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