Friday, October 15, 2010

Spooky Fence


I am so darn excited that I had to repost this even though it wasn't that old of a post. I originally posted it 9/17.

Last week, after finding some cool things at Goodwill, I posted a recycle/reuse sneak peak. I FINALLY finished one of those projects, I started more than one.
This was $3.99 at Goodwill. Had no idea what it really was, but I liked it. 
This was in my mom’s backyard. She had built a fence around her garden and had this leftover piece. When my son was 2, he painted it. My mom had it sitting up behind the gas fireplace piece that stuck outside the back of the house. I thought B never finished it. My mom tried to make me feel guilty I took his masterpiece. Other than 1 little comment, he was over it within 5 minutes. 
I sprayed it Krylon Satin Black. I then took the gothic wall candle thingy parts (my cousin took it apart) and sprayed all the pieces Krylon Gloss Purple (I forgot to take a picture of them separately so this picture is a little grainy.)
IMG_0284 IMG_0284
I took the half size Styrofoam balls and sprayed them black. My cousin stuck in the pipe cleaners. I realized he needed a head, so I got one of those plastic ornaments that Michael’s has out for you to decorate and took the silver hangy part out.  Sprayed the ball black and popped it into the Styrofoam. A little Crazy Glue later and it was stuck good. Then I glued on the squiggly eyes. Topped it off with a little Acrylic spray for safe keeping.
I am all about going all “handmade” when I do a project (well you know what I mean) so I wasn’t about to buy a sign either. I found a piece of wood the perfect size in my mom’s garage and painted it taupe to start. Then I brushed on black paint. To finish it off, I took sandpaper to it and rounded the edges to make it look more aged. 
I found a font on the computer I liked for a guide and then freehanded “beware”.  There was also all this chain attached to the gothic thing, so I used some of those to top off the whole thing. Put in some of the LED candles and VOILA!

All in all it cost me about $10.  And I have a spooky Halloween decoration.

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  1. This turned out so well!! I love how the candle holders look. You were even able to use that chain too. Good job!

  2. This is so cool. I love how unique it is and all the components. I love how you took apart the gothic candle thingy and used it on the fence. Although, it was pretty cool all by itself too {for a Halloween decoration}! Thanks for linking up.

  3. that's fantastic! i am so glad that...whatever it is...was able to be used. it looks like it was made for your creepy fence! such a unique idea.

  4. Hi there! I found your blog through CSI.. And I just wanted to comment on the candle holder thing. I live in MD and found one of those with 3 candle holders in it in a thrift store! I LOVE it. I left mine as is and hung it on a small wall in our bedroom. I have been looking for other ones everywhere but have never found one! what a coincidence!

  5. Thank you Erica...I still have the frame part left too, maybe will use it someday too.

  6. I love that you took that piece apart and put it on the picket fence. It looks awesome!
    thanks for the comment on my toddler bed over at the DIY club!

  7. I wish I were that imaginative Gail, thank you.

  8. I wanted to thank you for this great information!! I am very happy that I found this site. I absolutely enjoyed every fragment of it and I have you bookmarked your blog to check out the new things you post in the future.



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