Friday, December 31, 2010

The Last of the 2010 Tribute


I wasn’t really sure how to title this because it is my last post in my 2010 tribute but it is also 10 things I want to accomplish next year. Goodbye 2010, I wish I could say you have been good to me but I am glad to see a new year come in. And have high hopes for 2011. Make me proud 11.

  1. Get a job, even if only part time
  2. Move out of parents’ house
  3. Make Etsy shop bigger and better, make sales
  4. Keep being creative no matter if I want to be lazy or not
  5. Keep posting blogs, try to do it daily
  6. Work on furniture restoration, reclaiming, redoing…whatever it may be try some new things like glazing
  7. When I start to feel down, or sad or bummed, find something to lift my spirits (like leaving inspirational post-its all over Hobby Lobby with my son)
  8. Really work at being really kind to the rude cashiers, et al, like saying thank you not so quietly (but not loud either) when they are clearly being rude, this really makes me feel better to try and get a nicer reaction out of them
  9. Not sure how to do this, but I need to pay down my credit card from my camera (and tulle) purchase, paying interest really sickens me since it defeats the purpose of buying the items cheaper
  10. Love my son, show him every day how much I love him even when he is being a tootoo. It can be hard some days but I think he needs to see love more and maybe he will be tootoo less

Hope everyone has a safe and fun New Years Eve. Remember to call a cab or designate a driver. Be blessed and loved and all those warm wishes.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Who is Lili?

I had my first interview today since August. Granted I haven’t been working real hard at applying since October anyway because I wanted to make a crafting life work. This is what I drove it looked like driving down my parents’ street:
I am deciding it was a bad thing. When I got to the restaurant the door wasn’t open so I had to go back to sit in my car and not look like I was early like I like to. But while I was in my car I read a few blog posts on Google Reader and saw this great idea that was floating around. To post about myself and share it in this link party. I can do that.
~~No matter what needs to be said in an interview or for a potential job (or in most other situations either) I just CANNOT tell even a little white lie or stretch the truth to help me get the job. One of the reasons I left my fiancĂ© was because he always told these little lies that he didn’t think was lying, not sure if that is part of the reason I can’t do it. But I also want to be hired for myself, not because I am giving them only what they want. No matter that I know I will be one of their best workers ever because I work hard at whatever it is, even if I don’t really LIKE it.
~I have been unemployed for over a year now. I spent money on a career counselor who told me to accentuate my strengths in my resume and tailor my resume to every job. I have had less interviews since seeing her than I did before. And I still can’t get myself “sold” in an interview. I think that is because I REALLY don’t want to manage another restaurant and I can’t seem to get interviews for anything else (I tell myself this is the reason so I don’t feel like even more of a loser). In the last year I have been close to being offered only 2 jobs (both managing restaurants). I didn’t get the first one because between the time I was supposed to have the face to face interview and it being postponed the company started using this online test for their hopeful hires. I don’t know what it is about this test but I can’t finish the timed multiple choice question part (it’s like an IQ test that has nothing to do with customer service) and I have taken it twice. It makes me feel really stupid that I have taken this and then not been able to get jobs with whomever gives this test. Hyatt, Michael’s and Panera Bread are some of the ones that give it. I have seen some really bad cashiers, who are really rude, come into Michael’s lately and I want to know how they got hired after taking that test. It doesn’t help that I know I am a bad test taker and that I could have had better grades in school if it weren’t for tests and I would be working on my PhD if it weren’t for having to take the GRE. Test anxiety big time.
~~The other job was with a truck stop’s restaurant. It would have meant moving, working in a smoking environment (I can’t stand smoke, and have asthma), and working the overnight shift. I couldn’t stand leaving my son with my parents again. 
~~My younger brother and I were born and raised in New Mexico. He no longer lives here. I have moved away more than once and always come back. The school system here isn’t that great. I worry about my son going to school here. Right now we also have one of the highest unemployment rates. I loved Austin, but my son was living with my parents in New Mexico so I ended up back here.
~Family was everything to me growing up and I always wished I had more siblings. My brother and I weren’t that close, but we are also 3.5 years apart. We were two totally different people, him an athlete that got GOOD grades and me a musical, artistic person that wasn’t popular and couldn’t get the grades I really wanted. I let the fear of school and tests and the ugliness of politics (even in high school in a sports oriented town) make me go back to the easy degree of Elementary Education instead of going into law.
~~I always believed I would marry a great man and have more than 2 children and be a close family that shared everything. I have never been married. My son’s father wouldn’t even acknowledge he was the father, much less take responsibility (long story). My son cries often about not having a dad and his father not wanting him. I met a man in Austin that I was serious with and I did say yes when he purposed. I hated the way he asked me to marry him. I am a hopeless romantic and there was nothing romantic about it. After going from Austin (and quitting my job) to Maryland with him, I ended up leaving him to come home because I didn’t like the way he was handling his daughter’s mental issues, I missed my 2 year old son and I was learning he lied more than just a little bit. I haven’t had a real boyfriend since then.
~~I have a little bit of trust issues because every time I let my guard down I let the wrong guy in and get crushed so I just hide. I don’t put myself out there for the world to meet. Not that I have any idea where to meet anyone anyway. 36 is an awkward age.
~~I feel like I may sound like I am only complaining here but I don’t mean to be.
~That hopeless romantic in me loves to read a good tear jerker, Nicholas Sparks is the best, and watch a good chic flick. Sometimes you just need a good cry, ya know? =)
~~I posted 36 of my favorite things on my birthday, that you can check out (here).
~I have found loads and loads of inspiration through other blogs and I love it. I love that many aren’t afraid to put themselves out there in blogland. And that is why I decided to put myself out there today. 
showoff***I was born 7 weeks premature. Had to have a blood transfusion.
***My initials are AEE, Alicia Elizabeth. I have never really had a nickname but as a young child my brother couldn’t say Alicia and it was more Lili. My mom told me this story when I was in like high school, but it wasn’t until recently that I ever really used it. My niece and nephew call me Aunt Lili and my 4-year-old cousin calls me Cousin Lili. My blog used to be called Lili’s Buzz.
getting my wings***I have 1 tattoo, which isn't anything these days but the story behind it is a bit funny. I was going off to work for the airline, 6 weeks of training first. I had a going away party and from my house we went dancing. I drank way more than I should have. The next morning I got up and got my back tattoo with a nasty hangover. I had to keep a bandage on it during training because all my skirts and dress pants rubbed on it. I also had to cut out the tags in my undies.
***I have tiny, I mean TINY, pinky toes. And BIG big toes. The toenails on all my little toes are really small. I was born with no toenails.
going out***My blonde hair is natural and I get asked A LOT if I dye it. I wanted to get my arm pit hair laser removed (and maybe my legs) and I was told they can’t laser blonde hair. They wouldn’t even look.
***I used to be a happy go lucky person that would walk out of work alone, in the dark, at any hour of the night. Then I got robbed at gun point at work, after close. I can’t even leave my back door open in the summer anymore.
bridesmaid***I love to dress up to go out but I HATE high heels.
***I have a HUGE fear of falling, the getting hurt on the landing part. It keeps me from doing certain things but sometime I have to suck it up and climb up on the roof.

 *~*~*~I decided yesterday, after a blotched interview, was probably not the best day to write about myself. But thank you for stopping by to read and let me go on like that =)

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My 10 most popular posts

As 2010 is quickly leaving us I would like to take this opportunity to share my top 10 posts and thank everyone that has come by and made these the most popular posts (and on to a bigger and better 2011).
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Fence on display

And the most popular post of 2010: Adorable Little Owls
Thank you everyone =)


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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Inspiration

When I started blogging back this summer, I started on Wordpress. My mission was to blog about customer service related issues, helpful hints, ect. It didn’t last long. I love the word Serendipity so one day I blogged about it. While doing my research I came across The Serendipity Factory. It was love at first sight. Okay, I was at least very inspired. If you ever need a good pick me up, I highly recommend you subscribe to The Serendipity Factory. Somehow, from there I started following another blog, then another and I was hooked on the crafty blogs. It seemed they were all on Blogger so I decided to move over. I started up Lili’s Buzz on August 27. When I decided to go self-hosted (or whatever it is) it told me Lili’s Buzz wasn’t available (strange) so that is how Purple Paisley Pinwheels was born (I like it so much that I have decided when I can ever open my own shop I will call it that). Though things still haven’t turned for good for me, I have gotten closer to being in my better place (I was pretty depressed when I had to move in with my parents this summer and matters with my mother didn’t help). The blogging has really helped me in this endeavor. That and finding all these great projects to bring out my crafty itches. So much so that I decided to attend my first ever craft show with only 2 months to prepare. I kept myself so busy for that, but not selling almost anything at all really set me back a little. It was very saddening. I really needed to sell enough to earn back the supplies. But that is not what this is about. On to the rest of my tribute to 2010. Today I am thanking and honoring 10 posts that inspired me to create because I just had to go out and get the supplies to make one myself.

#1 Candelabra

Sawdust and Paper Scraps              candelabra

Sawdust and Paper Scraps                                                            My Creation


#2 Tulle Wreath

   011 (2)

Flamingo Toes                                                                           My Creation

This is also the idea I used for all the wreathes I tried to sell at the craft fair. Except that I went Christmas with varied other holidays and everyday (or baby room).


#3 Landscape Timber Pumpkins


Chapman Place                                                                 My Creation


#4 Candy Dish (or chips and dip)

    dip stand                                                

The Speckled Dog                                                My Creation

(For some reason it won’t let me make these two pictures any bigger!) I had had mine out in the car as a back up for the candy I had out at the craft fair and it actually came apart. I am not sure if it was the painted wood holder or what but I am leery of that now. The Christmas one I had out at the fair came apart too but it was the painted charger that kept coming undone.


#5 Spooky Birdhouses


Crafty Sisters                                                                                   My Creation

I went on to make winter and Christmas ones as well, I loved making these so much. All my smaller Christmas ones sold at the fair, but not the pedestaled bigger ones or a few of the winter ones.


#6 Halloween Wreath


david, courtney and cameryn                                           My Creation

This one was tough work, I couldn’t get the feathers to stay and to not leave black on my fingers. I am still contemplating taking it apart. 


#7 Halloween Candle Holders

  011 (3)

Entertain Exchange                                                                              My Creation


#8 Wooden Snowman


Crafty Chic Mommy                                             My Creation

I just realized which post it was that I was working on that got lost, since I don’t have a post on my snowmen…I used 1x3 for mine. I had had my mom cut up one back in October to make pumpkins and Christmas trees. The pieces didn’t work for trees though, so I decided to do a snowman (or 2) instead. Not near as cute at Crafty Chic Mommy though, I love hers.

Once again it seems I don’t have 10, but to make my theme stick I am sharing 2 other could have been.

#9 Terra cotta Christmas trees


House of Hepworths

I have wanted to do this project ever since I saw Allison’s post. I finally got some pots purchased half off at Hobby Lobby on December 23rd. So I will have some made soon (for next year, ha ha).


#10 Mod Podge Rocks

I am listing Amy as a whole here because she has posted many projects and shared from blogland many others that I have wanted to try. I went out and bought Dimensional Magic (well actually I looked for it for over a month before I found it) because I loved the cuff links she shared one time. Thank you Amy for all that you share.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I Love Color

I am trying to embrace color. I love color, don’t get me wrong, but I tend to not wear a lot of color or to decorate with much other than red either. I am not a big fan of red though. So I am trying to embrace more color. In continuation of my tribute to 2010, here are 1o color inspiring blogs I follow.

#1 Hostess (with the Mostess) …shares some pretty amazingly decorated parties


#2 Beyond the Screen Door …I LOVE her front door


#3 Paint me Plaid …from the paint by Plaid, need I say more


#4 the DIY club …sharing of DIY projects, usually involving paint


#5 All Things Thrifty …Brooke loves color too =)


#6 How About Orange …color is even in her blog title


#7 eighteen25 …I don’t recall seeing a post without lots of color


#8 The Decorated Cookie …her baked goods look amazing and always so colorful (maybe not really a decorating inspiration but still colorful none the less)


#9 Flamingo Toes …I like how much pink Beverly has on her blog


#10 Remodelaholic …shares many furniture redo projects with lots of color



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