Thursday, September 30, 2010

Where I Blog

…and create my crafts. Mind you this isn’t exactly my choice, this is the space I had to work with.
My deskIMG_0333
Dr. Pepper is my Red Bull. LOL. See my chair. I had to take that back off that wouldn’t stay because no matter which screw I put in first, the other wouldn’t screw in. I am going to nail a board. Funny thing? This is my main computer but most of my blogs are actually composed on my laptop. Live Writer wouldn’t download on my desktop and I also have Adobe Photoshop on my laptop. I just sit in a big chair in this same room, right about where I am standing taking this picture. (I really like Martha Stewart’s Living magazine, but usually the cover and a few pages in the front are all that I care to see.)
This is where I am doing most of my crafting, some is outside in the backyard. This is the table that I posted before that I redid with paper and Mod Podge. The green chair in the back is the one I was talking about where I sit with my laptop. The bag with the polka dots is where all my paint is. I am trying to figure out a better way to store it where I can see the colors. Maybe a spice rack would work. (The white little bird cage is now orange and will be shown in a post tomorrow. I need a little black bird or something for it.)
The calendar looking thing hanging on the door of my computer desk? I got way creative yesterday. Got a 12x12 piece of scrapbook paper. The squares are playing cards with another piece of paper over them. It’s my blog partying schedule. I have a lot more to add.IMG_0335
One other thing to share.IMG_0334
Another thing I took out of storage, but I always hated that it was white. I inherited it that way.IMG_0322
I found the brackets for $2 at Goodwill. I passed them up when I first saw them. I was looking for some other way to store my ribbon. Then I saw one of the ribbon “cabinets” at Michael’s and I went back to Goodwill for the brackets. I just had to drill a bigger hole in them for the dowels to fit. Used liquid nails to attach them to the side. I want to attach a piece of peg board to the other side but I would need to find someone with a leftover piece. I taped up the Plexiglas and hinges and sprayed it Cowboy Boot brown. I didn’t spray it so that it looked even, I like how it came out looking like it could be real wood. Of course it would work better on the other side of my desk, closer to my craft table, but that is where I had the room for it.
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  1. Great space!

  2. I wish I had more room. I can't get much painted on that little table, have been working outside. Grateful it is still warm enough for that. =)



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