Saturday, August 28, 2010

All Things New Mexico

Above are all pictures of something to do with or in New Mexico, can you label them?

I used to be a flight attendant in my younger, childless days.  Though it wasn't a prestigious job, I didn't work for that kind of airline, it was fun.  It was also the perfect airline for me because I got to travel all over the world. I will post more on that later.  All of us wore our name tags, that said our name and home place.  So mine said Alicia, Las Cruces, NM.  In junior high and high school geography was a subject I did well in.  I could name all 50 states and their capitals.  I can still name all 50 states with a little time.  So it always got me when I would hear things like, you speak such good English or you are so blonde; these being on flights within the states.  Do they not teach geography of ALL 50 states on the east coast?  Did you know that even our license plates have to say New Mexico, U.S.A.?  Go out and look at your license plate and see if it says U.S.A. after your state.  Let me know.  I am, however, proud of my state.  I have lived in Illinois, Maryland, Texas and Arizona and each time I come back to New Mexico.  No matter where I end up down the road New Mexico will always be home.  

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