Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Black and White


I went out today to look for some great pictures to turn into black and white. I found some awesome shots. I was taking them from my car and didn’t realize they weren’t coming out. I was shooting in Manual mode and everything was coming out too bright, too white. Bummer. But I have a few to share. I was able to salvage a bell from the bell tower in one of the photos that didn’t turn out. There is this gorgeous winery in Albuquerque that I wanted pictures of. But I got nervous about walking around since no one was outside. Not sure if it was allowed.


Just some house I drove by


The underside of my parents porch roof (the top is tiled)


Just another building I drove by


Outside Kohl’s



  1. Your Kohls might look like our Kohls! I really like your bell shot. That stinks that your pics were too bright. I always try to look and see after my first manual pic if I need to adjust my settings. I think it has saved me from lots of bright white pics. I think the brightness actually helped the bell pic look way cool. Your parents have a really cook porch. Thanks for linking.

  2. Isn't it fun that you can turn a possibly failed picture into art just by making it black and white? I love your creativity!



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