Friday, January 7, 2011

Freaky Friday

I am sure many of you are aware of the movies Freaky Friday, the first starring Jodie Foster as the daughter, the second starring Lindsey Lohan as the daughter. The daughter and mother share a freaky Friday stuck in each other’s bodies. So we I named Frida'y’s Freaky Friday it was the transformation I was thinking of. Before and afters. Whatever you want to call recycling, redoing, repurposing.

In my Google Reader reading this morning I fell in love. I swooned. Love at first read. Not over a man, that would have been nice though. LOL. I started following Restore Interiors last month. I love Kelli’s direction. Kelli is letting me share with you her post that made me swoon this morning:

Thursday, January 6, 2011


I met one of the sweetest ladies I have ever met today. She invited me to be a part a wonderful boutique called "Urban Green." Jamie and Shannon have great style and creative spark and I fell in love with their shop immediately. Urban Green carries apparel and home decor most of which have been hand made, up cycled or restyled.

This is Jamie...... Doesn't she just look sweet! She IS!!

So, I have to tell you a funny story about Jamie. One morning I was out yard "sailing"....(if you don't know this about me already, this is what my sister and I call it:) I hit one sale and immediately saw these awesome 4 bar stools that had been painted a primary color and an incredible vintage dress form. I had to have them. When I got up to the sale, this GIRL was buying my stuff!!! ARGH!!! I was so mad she beat me by 2 minutes. I over heard her telling the lady she was opening a  shop called Urban Green and it sounded amazing. I had been wanting to go check it out when a few Sunday's ago, my friend Laurie introduced me to her friend Jamie. You can't tell me that was coincidence. All things happen for a reason! We got a great laugh about the bar stools and the dress form, which by the way look amazing in her shop, AND we made a great connection.
One of the most unique things about Urban Green is their fabulous "T Shirt Bar" that they have created in their back room. Possibilities are endless for girls night out, birthday parties or just plain fun. You pick out a t shirt and embellish it with whatever your little creative brain wants to do.  They have embellishments everywhere. I have never seen so many candy jars in one place in my life and they were all full notions, buttons, fabric scraps and other embellishments.

Look at this bar!! How cute is this? Order your T shirt and get to work!

There are my bar stools.... but I have to admit they were meant to be at Urban Green. I am so glad she beat me to them.
I LOVE this T shirt.... and yep.. that's my dressform....

and this one......

AND this one..... I see  a girls night out in my future!!

They have some incredible wall art and lots of jewelry, gifts, purses and hair accessories.

So tonight, I am prayerfully considering being a large part of the furniture and home decor in the shop. I am really excited about this opportunity and it fits with my four things for the year! YAY! I talked about those four things in my New Years post here.

I am asking the Lord for peace, for confirmation and His blessing.

I will let you know what transpires!

Look at these head bands!  I love how they styled this jewelry strewn about in a bowl of black eyed peas......

What a cute bag!!

They just started a blog and I will be helping out with the design of the blog in the near future. Please go by and visit and give them a follow for support!!

Urban Green Boutique

4221 Dolly Ridge Road

Cahaba Heights, Alabama

So now that you all know what Kelli posted about, let me tell you why I am (re)posting this on my Freaky Friday. Urban Green is the type of shop that I have dreamed of owning. The t-shirt bar is just a very added perk. I went right over and started following Urban Green as well. The fact that Kelli was asked to join Urban Green and that Kelli shared this with blogland is my Freaky Friday moment. I would love to be in her shoes right now =)






  1. We call it tag saling - I like "sailing" better. Right now in the winter there are no tag sales but I can hardly wait for Spring when they start up again.

  2. Alicia! Thanks for re posting this! Keep dreaming girl and don't be afraid to take risks! If you keep working hard and don't give up, it will happen for you I just know it!!

  3. Thank you Kelli, I will keep truckin on. Linda, even Flea Markets here aren't a good place to find anything. I don't want to sound prejudice so I won't say why =)



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