Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I need to plan better and a sneak peak

I think I need to start writing tomorrow’s post today and set the post time on them. I do have a really good reason for missing Tutorial Tuesday and Wednesday Walks. Rewind to last week. I had a one on one interview with a company (let’s call them KJ) where I had had a group interview the week before. That was on Tuesday. On Friday I had an interview at SC in the morning. The team lead that interviewed me said she would like me to be interview by the General Manager since it was ultimately his discussion. She came back and told me he was too busy but he okayed her boss to interview me but it would have to be later in the afternoon. Ok, no problem. On my way into the parking lot that afternoon I receive a phone call from another district manager from KJ asking if I could come in on Tuesday at 10. That would be great. I went into SC and interviewed with the department head for that position. She told me I was the first person to answer all of her questions instead of saying “well my job description was…” So she asked if I would okay a background check and go take the drug screening. Yes, of course. She comes back and says that the place closes at 3 on Fridays and Monday being a holiday did I mind coming back at 8am on Tuesday to pick up the form (once picked up you only have 24 hours to go pee in a cup and can’t apply again if you don’t). I will see you then. She basically told me the job was mine pending background check and drug test, so later I went to Kohls to find some jeans that fit, dress is casual and I have a closet full of dress attire. While I was perusing the purse department I got a call from a recruiter for MD that had found my resume on Career Builder and wanted to know if I would like to interview with them on Tuesday. Nothing set in stone yet with SC, so that would be great.

Yesterday I woke up early to go down into Albuquerque to pick up the drug test form but knew I wouldn’t be able to go to the drug screening place until after the 10:00 interview. I went home and ate breakfast and put makeup on. Headed to this other KJ for this other one on one interview. That was a little discouraging…working in the SLOWEST location they own. And not even making $10 an hour. And he kept telling me how slow that location is like it might not be there in the long run. He tells me their next process is to interview with the guy under the owner and then another one with the owner. A lot of interviewing for a company that pays to lousy and has hardly any perks and benefits. I leave there and turn left to go pick up the freeway to go back into Albuquerque to find that cops had the off ramp blocked due to back up from the next exit being closed. It took 30 minutes to get turned around and going back the other way to go back through town and back to the freeway. Small town, that took A LONG time. Get to drug screening place and it was an hour from time I checked in to the time they “checked” me in. Another 30 minutes before I got called back (it was a REALLY good thing I stopped at Taco Cabana to use the restroom first). By then I had to drive all the way back home where I had an hour to eat lunch, fill out a 6 page application, change and head back to Albuquerque for interview with MD. That went really well. They require 55 hour work weeks and most times it is longer. I am not really wanting to go back to that. Add to that a commute. Yuck. No time for my kid. Or blogging for that matter. Or crafting. Because I would be too tired to do those other things.

So here I am, and still pooped from yesterday. But I have a sneak peak. I am trying my hands at furniture painting and glazing. 002 I found this table (solid wood) at Goodwill for $9. I have it painted so far. Can’t wait to show you the rest.

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