Monday, February 14, 2011

Achieving Bokeh

Happy Valentine’s Day to those of you that celebrate it. My mom got a yummy ice cream cake from BR. I had actually just told her she didn’t need to get those for my birthday any more because they hadn’t been that good but they changed things up on this one.

I have recently discovered Tracy’s Trinkets and Treasures, I believe through iheartfaces. Tracy gives some great photography tips. Not that I understand them all. It was suggested I check out the Dummies book for my camera.

Tracy is having a Bokeh party and I think I have some pictures that fulfill Bokeh. She explains what Bokeh is as well. 

I have shared this picture before, but apparently I achieved Bokeh without even trying (see how the flowers pop because the background is all blurry?). It’s too bad I don’t know how I did it. January 15, 2011

Today my son gave me some pink carnations. I played around trying to achieve Bokeh here and I think I might have done okay.


I also used some editing in Picnik to achieve Bokeh on this picture. 006

Bokeh Linky Party


  1. You did get it!!! Thanks so much for trying and linking. I use to get bokeh without knowing it all the time or how I did it. That orange tiger lily in one of my posts about bokeh was pure accident! What a sweet son you have.

  2. I think you've done it! Beautiful shots.

  3. You did a great job achieving bokeh without even trying! ;) That was funny! Your flowers are all so pretty. I wish I was better at growing orchids.

  4. You did great...those are beautiful shots. thanks for sharing the carnations- too sweet.

  5. Beautiful orchid photo and those carnations are gorgeous!!!

  6. So beautiful, Alicia! I've been wanting to learn bokeh but my brother said it's in the lens. Now I'm giving hints to hubby so I can have more powerful lens for my Nikon this year :)



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