Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Commenting Tips and Tricks and CSN winner

I am by far a seasoned pro, I have only been blogging for about 6 months. But loving every minute of it. I also have been a little OCD about how my blog looks so I have searched for a lot of tips and tricks.

One thing I didn’t realize was how helpful it is to make sure your email is attached to your blog. And have comments sent to your email. You can publish them right there from Gmail and reply to them as well. I reply to all comments this way. All that aren’t no-repliers that is. If for some reason you were able to sign up your blog without a Gmail account, I HIGHLY recommend you get a free Gmail account and link it to your blog. You will love the ease of publishing and replying to your comments this way. And you can get rid of the letters that we have to enter to leave a comment because you are checking them before you post them anyway. Here are some links on how to set this all up: How to not be a no-reply blogger and Making commenting easier with email and no word verification. If either of these still elude you let me know if I can try and help.

I have posted some other blogging tips in previous posts and have some buttons on the bottom of my blog you go click on to check out what help they can give you. I know where to find how to create a header, a signature, your own background, ect. If you have any other things you want help finding, let me know and I will try to direct you to a good answer. Happy blogging everyone and I hope these tips makes it easier and more user friendly for you (and all of us that follow you) Be right back.


And the winner is…

For the CSN gift certificate, I used random.org and the winner is comment #8…

Shel said... Pending Facebook

Congratulations Shel. After emailing Shel that she won, she told me today was her Birthday and she was going to buy herself something fun. I am so happy! Party smile

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  1. Hey Alicia! Thanks for adding the link back to my blog on the tips! I hope all those that need the help find them helpful. :)




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