Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Double Holiday blocks

I found these really cute Halloween letters from Leelou’s Blog. I decided I wanted to make blocks with them. I also realized I could put Happy Halloween on one side and Merry Christmas on the other. I bought a piece of 1x4 and marked squares, my mom cut for me. Only thing was, I read the disclosure on the Halloween letters and the company put for personal use only. I will make me my own blocks with those letters later.
(I had during pictures but it appears when I uploaded the pictures from my two cameras yesterday one set over-road the other set. I hope there was nothing else important in there.)
I started off by painting the edges of the blocks a forest green. Then I covered one side of the block with a few different Halloween paper squares with Mod Podge. I cut out Happy Halloween on my Cricut and Mod Podged each letter on a different block. I flipped the blocks around and repeated the process with Christmas papers and Merry Christmas. I sanded down the edges. On the Halloween side I stamped the edges with a brown ink and on the Christmas side I went around the edges with Silver Extreme Glitter.
Easy project to get two holidays out of but the cutting and pasting of the papers and letters was rather time consuming.
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