Thursday, November 11, 2010

Halloween 2010

I wanted to make a collage of all the Halloween projects I did this year. I couldn’t get it exactly the way I liked it, but here it is. I need to seriously get better at these picture editing programs. I used to use Picture It back in the day and I loved it. I can’t find one program that does everything I like and Adobe can be so complicating some times. Or maybe it is more that it doesn’t always work right.

Hall 10

If I really knew what I was doing I would be able to do it so that all the pictures line up, same size, and each linked to it’s original post. Boy I really need to figure that one out. =)

I am having a great time getting back into the crafting work and would really like this to be my line of work. I mean make enough money from it for me and my son to live off of on our own. Supplementing my income in other ways like selling Avon (or something crafty) as well until I can really get my business off the ground.

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