Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fabric Flowers

I haven’t ever really been into the frufru. But lately I have gotten to where I kind of like the fabric flowers. So I have been learning how to do them. And have been using some of them.



I glue the button in because I can’t figure out the sewing it into the cardstock insert.


I tried experimenting with different sizes but haven’t yet figured out the right ratio for the cardstock insert to the size of the fabric circle. The 3.5'” fabric circle to 1.5” cardstock insert works perfect, that is all I know.


Rolled Fabric


I watched 2 videos on You-Tube on how to make these. Really are super easy. Not sure the Duck was the right material to use but I had an abundance on hand to play around with. The bottom actually turned out to be a better looking front so I just flipped it over and super glued the “front” to stay in place. Then I dabbed it on a purple ink pad. Not bad I say.


This is how great the new camera is, I hadn’t noticed that string of hot glue until after I took this picture. And I had posted this sweater wreath at least a month ago. I made these rosettes with strips of the sweater way before I started watching how to make flowers. I like how the lining from the button holes also gave the flowers some dimension.

Fabric Strips


Really just some playing around with odd sizes and some tulle. Not sure what to really do with them.

Stitched Petals


I watched a tutorial on this but I think I might have used more petals then it was supposed to have because they don’t look like what I was after. I saw something today similar to these as well with felt so they were really “fluffy” looking. Do these even look like flowers?

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