Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just saying hello

I was sitting here trying to type but couldn't get the cursor in front of my "signature". I do not like how it pops up like that and won't move. I had, when I started out, found a tutorial on how to make and add a signature so that it would not pop up but post on every post no matter if you posted from Blogger or Live Writer. I can't find that tutorial again so if someone can point the way for me I would love you forever. =)

I also wanted to thank all my newest followers and let everyone know that I haven't been posting, or commenting for that matter, lately because I am swamped with getting ready for the December (my first ever) craft fair. I promise come December 5 I will catch back up on my blog. I do still enter in some blog hops here and there to get myself out there, very selfish (sorry), but I will also get back into checking your places out when I can sit her longer. I pinky swear. 


  1. Hi! Great blog here! New follower..Hope you stop by too! ;)

  2. I know, it drives me buggy. I have to click on the html tab and move it down before I can go back to compose and start writing. If you find that tutorial again let me know. I'd love to fix that problem as well.

    Good luck with the craft show. What a huge undertaking. You must be such an organized person.



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