Saturday, November 6, 2010

What I have been working on

I have been busy busy. But not busy enough if I want to make any money at the craft fair. I have 29 days. Less if I want to be mainly finished by Thanksgiving (my birthday too). Here is what I have been doing

001 (2)

002 (7)

Completely unplanned, but that top one makes me think of a gingerbread house.

004 (4)

There are many more of those wreathes, not all of them completely finished yet, and many more to come. Tulle is my new love. I am going to learn how to make tutus too.

007 (3)

I have wanted an apothecary jar for some time. I love how delicate they look. But they seem a little pricey. I made my own. I got the jars at Hobby Lobby for half off. I was able to remove the plastic part off the lid of the smaller one, it’s not budging on the other one. I then adhered the candlesticks to the bottom of the jars. I glued too glass beads together, flat side to flat side, and then adhered them to the lids. Good ole E6000. Not as delicate looking as the ones I have liked, but not bad for less than $5.

I also put together these cute aprons for myself and my cousin to wear at the craft show:

010 (5)

I got plain red aprons at 50% off at Hobby Lobby and adhered the snowman ribbon with Aleene’s Fabric Fusion. My new best friend, but I don’t know how it will hold up to the washing machine. The “E” (and “A” on the back one) are just pins that I glued a snowman cut out from the ribbon.

I also made my mom’s birthday presents this year. She wants to add something to one of them though, so I will go back to those when the wreath is completely finished.

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  1. Wow, you have been busy! I hope the craft show goes well, and you have fun! Love your things!



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