Monday, November 15, 2010

A little experiment and a few Christmas projects

Long title. I was going to put this is a test… but it didn’t sound as good as it did in my head.

My birthday/Christmas present came today. I might add finally. Apparently they shipped it to the wrong address the first time, and that was through USPS so it was slow going anyway. I thought I would spend the day playing with it but I had to go get a new surge protector for my computer because I was having withdrawals (my laptop wasn’t cutting it).

First my experiment. Each picture was taken at the same time, in the same place and none have been edited.


iPhone 4                             Canon Powershot SD750                            Nikon d90


Can you tell the difference? Of course I wanted them side-by-side for the comparison so making them bigger didn’t work. I think the iPhone has too much light in the picture. And there is definitely more detail in the Nikon. Ooh, can’t wait to see how the rest of the pictures come out. The Nikon was my present.

I have been making these birdhouses for my show.These are the Christmasy ones.



I have had the most fun making the wintery ones though, they are also my favorite.



The two with the pedestals I just used wood pieces from Hobby Lobby and spindles. I drilled a hole into the wood block and then a hole in the bottom of the birdhouse. Used a little glue to keep them in place. There are more birdhouses in the works also. And I found a new one at Michael’s today that I really liked. A fenced one like above but bigger. I didn’t have my coupon so that will have to wait.

The tree in the background was made with one of the paper Mache trees from Hobby Lobby. One of the bigger ones, next time I think I would like to try the smaller ones.


I started off by painting the tree green. I cut the paper strips about 1/4 inches and rolled them, then taped the rolls together. Then glued them in place. Added some other strips in places. Sprayed the whole thing with adhesive and sprinkled a lot of glitter on.

021 It was a very time consuming project. I had to put off working on the other 2 trees.

Hope all is well. I am off to work. A lot I still need to do. In case I don’t post for awhile, I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. I just came across your blog recently and have really been enjoying it. I'd like to give you a "Stylish Blog Award". Please feel free to stop by to pick it up.



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