Monday, December 27, 2010

I love comments

I hope that I reply to everyone that comments, if not through email then I at least try to reply in the comments. Another tribute to 2010, here are my 5 (sad there wasn’t 10) repeat commenters:

  1. Amanda @ Serenity Now (3)
  2. Sawdust and Paperscraps (3)
  3. Stacey (3)
  4. Jenn (3)
  5. Colleen @ MuralMaker&More (2)


  1. i may not comment often but i sure enjoy your posts

  2. Thank you very much...I also used this app that told me repeat commenters but I think that it only gave me the latest 5. Thank you to all my commenters =)

  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog:) I thought 35$ plus 15% on iteams sold was alot but 75$ plus 35$ is alot of money! I think i have decided to craft for me from now on!:) Have a Happy New Year My Friend:)



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