Sunday, December 26, 2010

My mom’s surprise?

For years my mom has sent my cousin Tyler (he is much younger, I am the oldest, followed by my brother 3.5 years later, then my other cousin 3 years later and then Tyler was adopted 9 years later) money for his Christmas/birthday present. But she always does things like hide it between two bricks, tape those up and wrap in a box so it appears to be something really cool as it is so heavy. I am not sure what my cousin thinks of these little “pranks”, he is not the type to laugh about being foibled.

Lately my dad has tried branching out on the creative limb (it only took about 35 years). For their anniversary last week he gave my mom roses, only 5. 2 red and 3 pink. A few days later he asked her if she realized what the colors meant. They have 2 children and 3 grandchildren, hence the five roses. Pink was for me and my niece and red was for my brother, son and nephew. He really got her good Christmas morning though.


He made sure she opened this present first and made sure I had the camera ready. Who would have thought I would get that look captured though? Seriously, a roll of toilet paper?


See what is sitting on the arm of the chair next to her? This only being found after he told her to start unrolling it.


50 $1 bills. He unrolled the whole roll of (nice) tp and then rolled the ones back up in it as he went. She was a little disappointed that they were not nice bills. The only nice, clean, crisp money the banks carry for Christmas are 20s and larger.


The “illegal” tree. I just learned yesterday. My dad goes with his boss to cut trees, with permits. They work for BLM. The park ranger double checked they had their permits but didn’t say anything about my mom’s tree being too big. After 5 years of going to cut their trees, this is the first time a ranger has stopped them. 


For being threatened Santa might not visit him, he sure did make out like a bandit.

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