Friday, December 31, 2010

The Last of the 2010 Tribute


I wasn’t really sure how to title this because it is my last post in my 2010 tribute but it is also 10 things I want to accomplish next year. Goodbye 2010, I wish I could say you have been good to me but I am glad to see a new year come in. And have high hopes for 2011. Make me proud 11.

  1. Get a job, even if only part time
  2. Move out of parents’ house
  3. Make Etsy shop bigger and better, make sales
  4. Keep being creative no matter if I want to be lazy or not
  5. Keep posting blogs, try to do it daily
  6. Work on furniture restoration, reclaiming, redoing…whatever it may be try some new things like glazing
  7. When I start to feel down, or sad or bummed, find something to lift my spirits (like leaving inspirational post-its all over Hobby Lobby with my son)
  8. Really work at being really kind to the rude cashiers, et al, like saying thank you not so quietly (but not loud either) when they are clearly being rude, this really makes me feel better to try and get a nicer reaction out of them
  9. Not sure how to do this, but I need to pay down my credit card from my camera (and tulle) purchase, paying interest really sickens me since it defeats the purpose of buying the items cheaper
  10. Love my son, show him every day how much I love him even when he is being a tootoo. It can be hard some days but I think he needs to see love more and maybe he will be tootoo less

Hope everyone has a safe and fun New Years Eve. Remember to call a cab or designate a driver. Be blessed and loved and all those warm wishes.

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