Sunday, December 5, 2010

La Cueva Craft Fair

LC craft fair

Well, I survived my first craft fair. And now if I ever do one again I also won’t be entirely preparing only the 2 months before. I entered in the largest school craft fair in New Mexico. I got lucky (I thought) and got a cancellation’s spot. They had opened a whole new wing this year so I was amongst other 1st timers to this show and other La Cueva toddlers (the regulars get the prime spots in the cafeteria). I did not do well. No one around me did well, so I know it wasn’t really my stuff. I was so afraid I wasn’t going to have enough stuff or be able to display enough, I am so glad I had the lockers there. I sold out of my small birdhouses so I know what would have done really well. I also learned that people wanted more everyday things, rather than Christmas. Only 1 of my tulle wreathes sold. I wonder if I will sell everything on Etsy but can only list to see. What really saddens me, other than hoping I would make enough to make a payment on my credit card, is that I paid $75 to get in and had to buy a City of Albuquerque business license for $35 so I pocketed less after than just the cost to be there. I can only hope that I at least got my name out there. LC craft fair 3

The Merry Christmas/Happy Halloween blocks also sold. None of the fabric boxes (made by my cousin) or decorated bags sold. I did have a lady want a bag but she didn’t want to write a check and had no cash. Cross my fingers it works out that she still wants it and then some.

LC craft fair 4 One tulle wreath sold. I heard a lot of those are cute or beautiful and many I can do that (I never say that in front of the crafters) but only 1 sold.

LC craft fair2 Of this stuff, the small birdhouses sold. The stocking is a candy jar, my mom made those. In the bottom picture you can see one of the yo-yo trees I did. There were 2, they were my first sell.

LC craft fair5

My hope now, other than Etsy, is also an open house in the garage. My only fear of that is people wanting me to lower my prices.

Now that I can slow down on my production, I am looking into upping my Etsy shop. I also would like to start doing something like Stampin Up. I don’t like the Avon or Mary Kay products so I would feel wrong selling either of those. I know that Scentsy does well but not sure if it is really for me (certain scents make me ill). I saw Stampin Up at the show yesterday and I heard of Creative Memories. So I am looking for any and all advice and or suggestions you all might have. I really need to get to be able to move my son and I back out of my parents so I need to make a living out of the crafting and selling and this is what I really want to do. I would love to make a living out of the blogging but that is a whole other arena.

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  1. These are beautiful!

    Some ladies I know do combination shows to get people to come. For example, Avon, Stampin' Up, Scentsy, etc. and some craft people get together and make a girls' night out of it. You can advertise with postcards, maybe at a local boutique, salon, or coffee shop (they might even agree to host it), then have everyone from different vendors in one location, if that makes any sense.

    Thanks for posting my project on here, and good luck with your projects!



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