Friday, December 24, 2010

My Followers

Still trying to grow my followers base so that maybe I can do better in Etsy, but I also don’t tell people when I start following them, so…
The tribute to 2010 continues in my 3rd installment. I wanted to take the time to thank ALL of my followers, but today I am going to share my first 10 followers (only 2 of these had their blog attached to their profile so Lorie and Hannah’s where the only ones I could link). Thank you everyone who follows me.
Your Neighbor
Veronique Grenier
Momnivore's Dilemma
Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy!
Erica Ellsworth (my cousin)
Chronicles of 3 Moms
Sonia Metts


  1. Yah! I see my name! Keep up the great blog!! I wish I could find the determination to blog every day!

  2. PS. I'm new to blogland, not sure how you attach your blog to your name, but mine is here I don't do a lot of tutorials, actually, I haven't done any. But I do like to craft. Ok. I like to have intentions of crafting. It's hard with 3 kids at home and a full time job! But anywho.



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