Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Creative Birthday Theme

Today was Brendan's 7th birthday.  I decided I would have a party for him, he really has only had 1 real party.  Being on a budget, I found Pirate stickers on sale at Hobby Lobby and decided to make that the theme.  I even made the invitations.  No small feat here, B is very picky; he doesn't like cake.  I knew I wanted to be able to make the cake look like a cave, so I ended up making Monkey Bread.  (He loves cinnamon and sugar.)  

I pulled the front down to look like the collapsed cave.  The monkey bread worked out well because it looks like boulders.  Then I added a pile of gold and some pirate figures.  The gold is actually Mini Nilla Wafers.  Also something Brendan would eat.  I was really lucky and found some candles that were perfect for the effect.  The Crew's Booty was also pure luck, being that all the Halloween stuff is already out at the stores.  I was able to get skeleton items all around.
No one else seemed to be as impressed as I was about my gift wrapping...I thought they looked very much like a Pirate's wrapped goods.

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