Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Live Writer

I read yesterday from a very wonderful lady giving blogging tips at Manic Mother who suggested using Windows Live to write your blogs.  I had been using Blogger to write all my blogs and didn’t like the “lack of control” I had.  I tried installing Live Writer on my desktop computer all day to no avail.  Luckily it was already on my laptop, so with Adobe Photoshop on here as well, looks like my laptop is now my blogging computer.  That’s cool, it’s purple.  It is good to have purple inspiration Be right back.

Needless to say, this post is just a test to see what control I can have over this post and how it works.  Please bare with me in my test.  Already I love the changing of fonts and hope that it actually posts that way.



Ooh, there I played with the Picture Effects.  Embossed, framed, color change and blurred.  I love this already.  I am telling each and every one of you, if you are using a PC still like me, use the Live Writer.  Now hopefully it posts just like it looks for me here. 

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