Friday, September 24, 2010

Dr. Pepper can wind swirly

I almost forgot. My cousin sent me a challenge last week. To use a DP or Pepsi can to create something (I didn’t know until later that was also the Iron Crafters first challenge). So I used a can opener to take the top off. The first one I tried to cut with wire cutters. The tips of the cutters were too short. Can in recycle bin. The second one I tried to use snippers. They chopped it up, left jagged edges and bent up the can. Can in recycle bin. I got smart by the third one. I ran masking tape around the can (in a swirly path) and used the Dremel on the tape until I got to where I was too scared to hold it anymore (a little more than half way). Then I finished it with the snippers. I attached some wire, and later some beads. My mom is hanging it on her back porch.


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