Sunday, September 26, 2010

Re-done Office Chair

I had an office chair that I really liked to sit in, it was comfy. But it was too big and it was that fake suede and got really dirty looking. The arm rests were really soiled. The room that my computer desk is in is also the media room so that big chair really got in the way. Now that I have moved the table in there to work at I needed a smaller chair I could move between the two. I went cheap knowing I was going to redo it. I got the $20 one from Walmart. Comfort was not the priority in making that chair but it also makes me get up more often.

001 (2)

The fact I didn’t have to take it apart to do what I wanted was nice, but the back piece doesn’t screw on good, one screw won’t screw in no matter which hole I screw into first. I can’t take it back since the chair isn’t black anymore, but wonder if they would just switch out the piece that doesn’t work since it is still as is from box. I removed all the staples from the bottom cushion. Tedious work.

This 002 (2)and 004 (2)went together with  003 (2)to make005 (3). A little extra padding never hurts.

006 (3)The black piece is the one that won’t screw on right. Well, I also wasn’t able to take it apart to put the new material on it. So I wondered what I was going to do. Looks funny like this. I tried sewing and learned I couldn’t. But then my mom came home and showed me what I did wrong so I was able to sew a little slip cover together, not fitted by any means though.


I love the green color of the paint. The green fabric was left over from when my mom made table runners for my brother’s wedding reception. They didn’t match as well as I thought they would but with the green of the ribbon and some purple thrown in, it all works. If only the stupid back cushion would screw in, it would all work nicely.

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