Friday, September 24, 2010

An owl is born and other randomness

I can’t sew. I tried, I didn’t know what I did wrong until my mom came home. It is supposed to just be a straight line, I didn’t put the foot down. LOL.Back Camera

I went on and made my owl. He’s darn stinkin cute.026
When my mom got home and showed me what I did wrong on sewing the straight line, I had her sew the owl together. I then stuffed him and stitched up the bottom. At least I can do that =).029
Frankenstein's head is coming along nicely.Back Camera
My last randomness for today, my dad collects golf balls. My parents live in a golf course community (my dad never golfs there and they are not members) but he walks a hill where he finds golf balls. I am sure he picks them up when he is out on his weekend golf game too. He cleans them all up and may save the kind he uses. He gives a lot away. So there are all these balls I was thinking I could make spiders out of. Just have to figure out how to do the legs. 
Back Camera
I will post my finished projects when I complete them. Since I can’t sew don’t think that the owls will be soon, unless I can convince my mom to sew all of them for me.

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