Monday, September 20, 2010

Mod Podge Office Organizers

The Iron Crafter #5 challenge was cardboard.  I posted this project before, but I went back and embellished some of the things more. 
I started with:
boxes 1
Note that the Kleenex box is a full size one, not the square-upright one.
I wasn’t yet sure what I was going to do with all that but after some snipping, cutting and masking taping…I cut the two whole lengths of the Kleenex box the same size, folded in half and taped together. Then I made a bottom with one of the other pieces that had a flap, taped it on. I cut other pieces of cardboard and put in slits to make the dividers. Taped the flaps of the chicken box together and cut down the breakfast bar box for the card holder. I got:boxes
The square box in the back is what I used the Kleenex box for, and it looks like one of the square sized ones.  I was using what I had and didn’t even think to use a square Kleenex box.
3 Albuquerque The Magazines and some Mod Podge later:
cardboard project
After submitting that to a Mod Podge project, I decided to embellish them better.  So I got some ribbon, cut out some words out of the magazines, and ended up with this letter/magazine holder
A business card holder:
And a pen/brush/pencil organizer:
(I used paint chips on the inside dividers, and had to use a little tape on the inside of the ribbon, it just wouldn’t stick. 

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  1. Thanks for the heads up about the Iron Crafter Challenge! I totally missed the secret ingredient for this round. Love the Mod Podge projects!!



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