Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nobody ever told me not to try...

A shoreline view of clear blue ocean as it meets the bright blue sky in the distance
A view of mountains rising in the distance dotted with gold-toned foliage reflecting off the water below
A vibrant tulip garden illustrates the bright colors of summer
Color Hues from Nature from Benjamin Moore paints

I was sitting here painting a project, listening to iTunes, when Jack Johnson's "Talk of the Town" came on and the words stuck with me. 
...And if the sun comes out
I'll paint a picture all about
The colors I've been dreaming of...

...It's a part of my mind it begins with a dream
And a feeling I get when I look and I see
That this world is a puzzle, I'll find all of the pieces
And put it all together, and then I'll rearrange it
I'll follow it forever
Always be as strange as it seems
Nobody ever told me not to try...

Just a little inspiration to brighten your day. I came over to look up the words to the song after I painted and knew I had to share it in my blog. As well as pictures to go with the words. What things help inspire you? Love for you to share in a comment.

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