Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Stone Fox

I was out walking the dogs this morning, 3 of them, it's more like they walk me. 3 labs. The shortest one has some strength let me tell you. Last night the two young ones almost drug me out of the park to go after this baby bunny (they run wild around here so it isn't cute) that my dog was already after. Don't worry, they have never killed one. They go crazy after the wild frogs too. Having a dogs snout on them makes some of them pee all over. So the lawn guy next door tells me I need a dog sled. No joke. Except that I wouldn't get my exercise. I am walking down the hill thinking about that and the book Stone Fox by John Reynolds Gardiner comes to mind. I read it to my son a few months ago. Loving the book until the end. Bam! This crazy ending. He hated it. We both cried. He told me to throw the book away because he never wanted to see it again. Not sure if any of you have read it but the ending is not something that would make me want to have this a 2nd grade reader like it is supposed to be.

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