Sunday, September 26, 2010

Halloween Candelabra

Once again I have been inspired by a project seen elsewhere.  I loved this candelabra that Sandra shared over at Sawdust and Paper Scraps

I decided I wanted to make one of those too. I went perusing at some local thrift shops and came home with some parts.
I think it was a coat rack and they removed the hangers because there were holes there.
I sprayed everything purple before I started putting it together. I removed the base and attached a candle holder with a dowel stinking out from it. The hole in the base didn’t get drilled straight so the whole thing didn’t really line up right.
My cousin took the chandelier apart and I used it upside down on top of the coat rack.
I found a big pack of beads on sale at Hobby Lobby in the Christmas section, also sprayed purple. Cut what I needed.  Decided in the end to wrap some around the top of the spots where I was going to put candles. I also used the plate and another top of a candle holder to create place for a candle at the top.
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  1. My favorite color, too bad I didn't think to do it sparkly purple =)



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