Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lili is a Busy Beaver


I have been really busy lately. Trying to get things completed so I could get into a craft fair and to get my Etsy shop (I really wish I could settle on a business name) started.


I got news that I might now get into the craft fair December 4 because someone else cancelled. Wootwoot. I was beside myself when I learned that. If only the email had had the application I would have already applied for it.


I just bring myself to quit making all this cool Halloween stuff that my mom says I really don’t only want to have for my craft show. So those eyeballs still just sit there.


Glassware galore. I found all of this at Dollar Tree and Goodwill except for the bubbly looking glass under the (Walmart) plate. It will all get put to use, eventually. (big SMILE!)

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