Friday, October 22, 2010

Saving projects

Several months ago I was turned onto Pinterest. It is another social media outlet, of sorts. If you have ever tried out Delicious or Diigo, you would love Pinterest. You in the picture you want to save. I wasn’t really using it at first, but now. Let me tell you how great it has suddenly become for me.

I follow about 50 other crafty blogs right now (I am very grateful for my 13 followers) and when I am going through Google Reader I star the projects I like, share the projects I really like and for some reason star and share the ones I really, really like. If the project is shared from another blog (I share other projects a lot) I go to the post and save that link in Delicious. So when I am looking for a project in either Reader or Delicious I have to go back through all the saves.

Now mind you Pinterest is only in the beta stage still so if you try to sign up you will be put on the “waiting list”. I didn’t wait that long to be accepted. What you do there is pin pictures you like. So when I see a project I like I click on the PinIt button in my menu bar and save it to the corresponding pin board. Just the picture. It automatically puts what web address it came from. I am loving Pinterest. If you want to see an example, check out my pin boards: 

Now I can easily find a project I was saving for inspiration. If only I will remember to save all I even sorta like because those are the ones I want to go back to but didn’t save. If for some reason it won’t let you sign up and you really want to, send me your email address and I will invite you through mine. My email is

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