Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Skull Candle Holder and Inspiration My Creation Linky Party

I am going to try my Linky Party again. I will spread the word in a few places this time, hope that helps. I don’t have a specific day of the week, just a random thing for now. I will let you know when I decide to change it.
Lili's Buzz

Once again my inspiration came from Sandra over at Sawdust and Paper Scraps. She also used left over parts from the candelabra. If you haven’t checked out her blog you must. She does all of her home renovations herself. Amazing.
My Creation:
003 (3)
I also added another spider, making his legs so he could stand this time. The glass plate stand is just a plate and candle holder for the moment.
I cut the wiring out of the lamp. And had to completely rethread the whole thing to stay together after I broke off the plastic lightbulb holder but it is nice and sturdy. I will probably have to spray it with Acrylic sealer before I store it because the paint kept scrapping off. I also used only the top of one of those candle holders. (The top of the other one was used on the candelabra.) The skeleton is actually one of those light up ones from Big Lots but I took the guts out (it didn’t work anyway) and drilled a hole in the top. Of course leave it to me to glue it on crooked so he came out cock-eyed when I glued him onto the lamp to keep the candle holder straight. I used Guerilla Super Glue to put it all together.
After003 (4)
Why can’t skeletons play music in church?

Because they have no organs.
I also linked this with
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Don’t forget to link up your inspiration project below. My only rules are that you give credit to your inspirer and your creation is made by you. Please only link to your post, not your main blog or to your Etsy shop. I don’t want to be a meany and delete your post my first time out.


  1. Alicia, I see that you are starting a new linky party :) YAY for you! If it is something you are going to do every week, come add it to my Linky Love Library under the day of the week you post the party. That way others can find it too! :)

  2. Good to know Lori, thank you. No one linked this time so when I try again I will go over and check into your library =)



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