Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pumpkin Stand

My mom and I saw this at Sam’s Club. I forgot to look at the price but she thinks it was about $50.
My Creation
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With some help from mom, since it was for her, we made this for less than $20.
What you need:IMG_0360This was the only picture I took of supplies, but there were more.
A base, we used 2 ovals from Hobby Lobby, 1 smaller than the other (we got them on sale so about $3 for both)
A pole, we used a dowel (about $2)
Wood glue
Hot glue gun
Pumpkins of various shapes and sizes (Half off at Hobby Lobby, big one was $3 the smaller were $1.5 but I only used 1, the “flat” pumpkins were about $4 and the most expensive piece on here)
Filler (The rattan balls and the other stick things are from Dollar Tree, 6 balls and 2 each on the sticks for $1 each)
A few screws
Spray paint
What I did:
1. Glue the two plates together with Guerilla Wood Glue, clamp until dry
2. Screw into place with 2 screws for extra stay togetherness
3. Drill hole for dowel but don’t go all the way through the bottom plate. We went to about half way through the bottom plate.
4. Drill a small hole at bottom of dowel and through hole in base. Wood glue dowel hole side down, into hole on base. Screw through bottom of base into dowel.
5. Spray paint the entire fixture. We chose the brown Hammered paint
6. I drilled holes into the pumpkins smaller than the dowel and then used an X-acto knife to make the hole a little bit bigger so that they would slide over the dowel, but also stay in place.
The rest was just here and there pieces. The flat pumpkins were a 1 piece from Hobby Lobby that I cut the string and made to be 3 pieces. I used copper wire to put the 2 half pieces together and glued a piece of a stick on as the stem. I spread Mod Podge Sparkle on the entire piece and covered the “stem” with gold glitter glue. Both flat pieces are held into place with copper wire. All the filler is hot glued on.

 "There are three things I have learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin." ~Linus from Charlie Brown
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