Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Eyes on You

Beverly over at Flamingo Toes shared her eyeballs to print out. Her eyeball project actually aired on WGN midday news and she has a clip on her site. I loved the eyeball printout so much I knew I wanted to use them. I have printed out several pages. I tried gluing them to a painted golf ball (since there are multitudes of them around here), but they wouldn’t stick. I then spray painted Gatorade lids black and glued them on there. But I didn’t like how they were working with the Dimensional Magic so I pulled them all off. I printed them again and punched them out with a circle puncher a little smaller than the lids. I like these much better but am still working with the Dimensional Magic so more to come on those later.
Meanwhile, I cut some out full size and made a candle holder $ store style. I have seen all these cool candle holders around and decided to make my own. Got some Beacon E600. Works pretty good. I also had these Dollar Tree little fences and one of those also got the eyes. We will consider this the eyeball part 1.
004 (3)
More to come on the rest of the items here. I will post them all Inspiration My Creation style so I hope you come back for more.
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  1. Alicia these are so cute!! I like the hurricane full of eyes and the eyes on the fence!! Fantastic. :) Thanks so much for the link too!

  2. Ha ha. How cute. I also like the huricane. The eyeballs are just so fun.

  3. Thank you both, especially to you Beverly for sharing the eyes =)

  4. I love what you have done with them!! They look perfect paired with the cute little house. Well done!



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